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Singapore Math Learning Center is the best place to find tutors specializing in Singapore Math. We offer individualized solutions that are tailored to your child’s needs. Our goal is to help students excel at math, so they can be confident about their abilities.

Your child will learn how to think mathematically, solve problems creatively, reason logically, and communicate effectively using the Singapore Mathematics Curriculum. They will also develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts as well as the ability to apply these concepts in new contexts or situations. And by working one-on-one with our tutors, your child will get all this without any distractions from classmates or other children!

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​Once you have submitted your information on our contact page or given us a call, we will contact you to discuss your specific needs. You will then be given a login to our tutoring portal and with the specific requirements you gave, we will match you with a suitable tutor.

​Sessions will be conducted using a whiteboard on Zoom.

​All of our tutors are experienced with the Singapore Math curriculum.

Our tutors can also do group tutoring and can also provide a tutor for your student group.  Please contact us for more information.


​Your child is currently using the Singapore Math curriculum such as ‘Math in Focus', ‘Dimensions Math' or ‘Primary Mathematics' in school or at home and would like additional help.

Your child would like to be further challenged and advance in his/her mathematics skills.

You are looking for a math tutor.


​​If your child is already using the Singapore Math curriculum in school, tutoring can serve to reinforce what your child has learnt in school and challenge your child further. If your child would like to be challenged further, our tutors can also work with your child on challenging math questions. Our site sells material that can be used in addition to what is used in school.


We recommend using either a graphic tablet or a pen mouse for smooth and fast handwriting.

Singapore Math Learning Center

Singapore Math Learning Center began in 2013, providing Singapore Math tutoring to students in the Skokie, IL library and other Chicagoland area libraries. A number of schools in the area had adopted the Singapore Mathematics teaching method and parents needed tutors familiar with the Singapore Mathematics method for their children. Our tutors were from Singapore and therefore, able to effectively tutor these students.

In 2018, Singapore Math Learning Center decided to bring their tutoring online. In doing so, we were able to get more qualified tutors and help more students.