The Best Summer STEAM Activities for Kids
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20 STEAM Activities for Kids

Looking for some STEAM activities for your kids? Here is a round-up of some STEAM activities you can try out at home.

20 STEAM Activities for Kids

Oobleck Egg Drop Project

In this project, you will find out what Oobleck is and how you can make it from items found in your kitchen. In this experiment, kids will find out if Oobleck could protect the egg in an Egg Drop and prevent it from breaking.

Seashell Painting Art

Have any seashells at home? Why not paint them and do some crafts with them.

Shadow Sidewalk Chalk Art

This activity teaches kids about shadows and how shadows form while painting with sidewalk chalk. This is a fun outdoor project for kids from toddlers to even teens!

Simple Soil Science

Want to play with some dirt? Learn about the different types of soil and how they differ in this simple science project.

Pool Noodle Periscope

The pool noodle periscope project is a great way for children to discover what reflections are and about angles and measurements.

Straw Rockets

In this activity, kids can compare how different angles of the straw affect the distance the rocket travels or how adding wings or folding the rocket in different ways can affect its rage of flight.

Water Pump Sprinkler

In this project, kids will learn about centrifugal forces and what happens when a ‘sprinkler’ made of straws is spinning and forces the water inside a cup to spin. If you spin the straw fast enough, water will fly out like a sprinkler.

Oil and Water Science Density Experiment

In this activity, kids will learn about the different properties of oil and water.

Seashell Counting Numbers Math Mats

In STEAM activities, kids can practice sorting the shells to match the number on the counting mat.

Homemade Pan Flutes

Kids love making homemade musical instruments and this activity shows you how to make homemade pan flutes. Kids will be able to explore sounds and make music with the pan flutes they have made.

Paper Snail Craft

This craft activity will teach you how to make colorful 3D paper snails!

Ocean Slime

This activity provides 4 recipes on making the ocean slime depending on what ingredients you have at home. This is a simple chemistry project where kids can learn about states of matter, viscosity, elasticity, etc, that can be explored with homemade slime.

Stick Raft Building STEM Project

In this activity, kids would have to brainstorm how to best design their stick raft from choosing their sticks to tieing them together to create a raft that floats!

Glow Stick Science

In this experiment, kids will learn about the science of glowsticks and how when two chemicals combine, a reaction called chemiluminescence is created.

Build a Bug Viewer

This activity will teach you how to make a buy viewer using plastic containers. This is an activity that can teach kids about nature and bugs.

Walking Water Science Activity

Learn about capillary action in this activity using paper towels, colored water, and mason jars.

How to Make Edible Water Bubbles

This activity will show you how to make edible water bubbles and in the process, learn about food science and molecular gastronomy.

Rain Cloud in a Jar Science Experiment

Make a rain cloud and rainbow rain using food coloring, shaving cream, and water!

Fireworks in a Jar

This is a simple activity where kids learn about the different properties of oil and water. They create ‘fireworks’ in a bottle by mixing water, food coloring, and oil in a jar! Definitely a safe firework option this 4th of July!



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