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New Primary Mathematics 2022 Edition (K-6)

Many have heard the good news that the NEW Primary Mathematics 2022 (Grades K to 5) is now available!

History of Primary Mathematics

The original Primary Mathematics was introduced to schools and used for homeschooling in 1999. Over the years, Primary Mathematics was adapted and updated to align with the United States Standards. There are currently three editions to Primary Mathematics available in the United States. The U.S. Edition, the Common Core Edition, and the Standards Edition.

Now, a new, improved, and updated Primary Mathematics program has been created and will also be aligned to U.S Standards and also incorporate the latest thinking in the teaching and learning of Singapore Mathematics.

Dr. Kho Tek Hong, who was part of the team that came up with the original Primary Mathematics also headed the team of nine curriculum specialists to come up with the new Primary Mathematics 2022.

New Primary Mathematics 2022

The new Primary Mathematics has been strengthened and is based on the Readiness- Engagement – Mastery instructional design.

Source: Primary Mathematics 2022

Source: Primary Mathematics 2022


In the “Readiness” phase, students will be learning through the “Chapter Opener” and “Recall” sections in the Student Book.

In the “Engagement” phase, students will be learning through the “Task”, “Learn”, “Learn Together” and “Activity” sections in the Student Book.

In the “Mastery Phase”, students will learn through the “Practice on your own”, “Think!”, “Chapter Practice”, “Performace Task”, “STEAM Project Work”, and “Heuristics” sections of the student book. Other supporting material and resources would be “Reteach”, “Additional Practice”, “Extension”, and “Mastery and Beyond”.

Core Components of the New Primary Mathematics 2022

Student Book: The new Primary Mathematics Student Book is a consumable book that allows the student to write in it. It does not have a separate textbook and workbook.

Additional Practice: This book supplements the Student Book and provides students with on-level practice of concepts and skills taught in each chapter.

Mastery and Beyond: This book would provide consolidated practice across sections in a chapter to support mastery of a topic and concept.

Teacher’s Guide: The Teacher’s Guide will provide teachers with ideas and activities to facilitate learning and discussions and also ideas for differentiation in the classroom.

Home Instructor’s Guide: The Home Instructor’s Guide would be to help homeschooling families implement the Primary Mathematics 2022 curriculum. Each lesson is also very manageable and is laid out and planned for about 30 minutes.

Reteach exercises help students who need additional help to gain an understanding of the concepts and skills. Each exercise correlates to a lesson in each section of a chapter.

Extension exercises help develop problem-solving skills and challenges in students. Eac exercise correlates to a lesson in each section of a chapter.

Assessments:  Assessments in the form of Chapter Tests, Cumulative Assessments, Mid Year and End-of-Year Assessments are available digitally and in the Assessments Guide Teacher’s Edition.


Where to Order Primary Mathematics 2022?

The new Primary Mathematics 2022 is available at Rainbow Resource, and You can also find them on Amazon.


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Primary Mathematics 2022 VS Previous Primary Mathematics Editions.

Primary Mathematics 2022 from what we know currently is definitely an upgrade from the previous older versions. With the latest knowledge and feedback over the years,  Dr. Kho Tek Hong and the team of curriculum developers have definitely improved the curriculum to enhance the learning and teaching process. The digital component will also assist with home-based learning and will also assist schools in implementing the curriculum with other online and digital learning tools.

Having a Student Book instead of separate textbooks and workbooks is also more convenient, although some parents and students might prefer a separate workbook and textbook. Math in Focus 2020 also has a consumable Student Book without a separate workbook and textbook.

The chapters are also consolidated into fewer chapters, so instead of two to three chapters on multiplication (e.g. Grade 2), it has one. We’ll have to see what the content is in due time.

There are some differences in the number of covered topics at each grade level. For example, multiplication and division will be introduced in Grade 2 instead of Grade 1.

Below is a chapter comparison of all the Primary Mathematics editions, Dimensions math, and Math in Focus.

We look forward to hearing from parents, teachers and students on how the New Primary Mathematics works for them!

Singapore Mathematics Curriculum Chapter and Topic Comparison

Below are the chapter comparisons between the various Singapore Mathematics Curriculums.

Grade 1 Comparison


Grade 2 Comparison

Grade 3 Comparison

Grade 4 Comparison

Grade 5 Comparison


Grade 6 Comparison

Please note that Primary Mathematics 2022 Now has Grade 6!

Singapore Math Curriculum Comparison