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Best STEM Toys For Kids

What are STEM Toys?

The word ‘STEM’ stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM toys promote learning in those areas. STEM toys can also develop hand-eye coordination capabilities, enhance creativity, and promote spatial skills. In addition, STEM toys help kids learn through play.

Here’s a list of some of our favorites!


Best STEM Toys For Kids


The goal of this game is to create a maze that will carry a marble from the start Position to the target tower. You will get 60 challenges with 4 levels of play: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. Pick a challenge and set up the towers on the game grid to match. Decide where to add the designated towers to the grid and then place the towers so that the marble falls from the start position to the target tower and ultimately you win. This game develops a kid’s visual perception and reasoning skills.



This Remote Control Building Kit allows a child to build a robot, tank, or car. This STEM toy is ideal for developing kids’ creative skills as well as improving their hand-eye coordination and critical thinking skills.



K’NEX manufactures about 90% of K’NEX parts in their factory in Hatfield, Pennsylvania after moving its manufacturing back to the USA from China. Great gift idea if you are thinking of a STEM toy made in the USA.

K’nex Builder Basics 35 Model Building Set

STEM Toys For Kids

K’NEX – 35 Model Building Set – 480 Pieces – For Ages 7+ Construction Education Toy

STEM Toys For Kids


K’NEX 70 Model Building Set – 705 Pieces – Ages 7+ Engineering Education Toy


STEM Toys For Kids



Fractiles-7 are magnetic tiling toys made in the USA. Fractiles-7 encourage creativity and innovation and make a nice STEM gift.



STEM Toys For Kids

This is a great learner microscope kit for a kid to explore science. The kit comprises of all the tools one needs to start gathering specimens and making slides. It has a reflecting mirror for natural illumination. It also contains a built-in light for direct illumination. The microscope features 6 magnifications of 120X, 240X, 300X, 480X, 600X and 1200X and a single coaxial coarse focus knob, a specimen stage with two built-in stage clips. The kit consists of a few sample slides, coverslips, tweezers, scalpel, specimen vials, and adjustable lenses, gathering lamps along with a sturdy hard case for easy storage and traveling purpose.


STEM Toys For Kids


The kit consists of a number of electronic components embedded in the “Snap Circuit” modules. Snap Circuits teach the basics and principles of electricity. Snap Circuits are a great way to introduce kids to electronics. Snap Circuits parts require no tools and click together to ensure solid electrical connections. The kit consists of a variety of colorful elements that display diverse functions. These sets are high quality and durable and can be utilized in various ways, the guidelines are simple to follow, and the projects are fun, creative, and great learning tools.



It is a toy that not only allows them to enter the world of robotics but also awakens imagination and interest in the science of movement and artificial sensors. This kit is compatible with Mindstorms and LEGO education. It can be programmed with Scratch and Mindstorms software. You can also use it as a remote-controlled device without any programming. With this STEM toy,  children have fun and also begin to actively adopt the world of programming and robotics.




With Playmags, kids can have hours of fun of engaging educational entertainment as they learn to build things. Children can develop their problem-solving skills, motor skills, and learn about shapes. This STEM toy is great for preschool and kindergarten kids!


This Car building kit consists of 443 Building Blocks, 1 Commonly Compatible Chassis, 4 Tires, 1 Remote Controller, 1 Rechargeable Battery Pack, 1 USB cable for charging. This STEM toy can help kids develop fine motor skills, spark their imagination, and promote their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving ability.



This fun adventure game develops planning, progressive reasoning, and problem-solving skills along with teaching extra complex coding concepts such as loops as well as conditional branching.





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