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Singapore Math Kindergarten: An Overview of Math in Focus

Math in Focus is one of the main Singapore Mathematics curriculum used by homeschooling parents and schools in the United States. Math in Focus has gotten more and more popular over the years since its first publication in 2009.

Singapore Math Kindergarten: An Overview of Math In Focus Kindergarten

Math in Focus (K – 8) was first published in 2009 by Marshall Cavendish in collaboration with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The latest revision, Math in Focus © 2020 coming out in 2020, is said to be the program’s most extensive revision since its  2009 release. The Math in Focus curriculum covers Grades K to 8.

Math in Focus Kindergarten

There are four workbooks and two teacher guides for Math in Focus Kindergarten. The workbooks are in color. The topics and material covered are fairly basic and can be learned before kindergarten.  Most parents are able to use the workbooks without the use of the teacher guides. Additional material can be considered to further challenge your child.

Math in Focus Grade K Student Book A, Part 1

Chapter 1: Numbers to 5

Chapter 2: Numbers to 10

Math in Focus Grade K Student Book A, Part 2

Chapter 3: Order by Length or Weight

Math in Focus Kindergarten Chapter 3: Ordering by Length











Chapter 4: Counting and Numbers 0 to 10

Chapter 5: Size and Position

Chapter 6: Counting and Numbers to 20

Math in Focus Grade K Student Book B, Part 1

Chapter 7: Solid and Flat Shapes

Chapter 8: Counting by 2s and 5s

Chapter 9: Comparing Sets

Chapter 10: Ordinal Numbers

Chapter 11: Calendar Patterns (Months of the Year)

Chapter 12: Counting on and Counting Back

Chapter 13: Patterns

Chapter 14: Counting on to 15

Math in Focus Grade K Student Book B Part 2

Chapter 15: Length

Chapter 16: Classifying and Sorting

Chapter 17: Addition Stories

Math in Focus Kindergarten Chapter 17: Addition Stories










Chapter 18: Subtraction Stories

Chapter 19: Measurement

Chapter 20: Money

Math in Focus: Teacher Edition, Volume A Grade K

Math in Focus: Teacher Edition, Volume B Grade K

Math in Focus Kindergarten Homeschool Package

Suggested Manipulatives For Math in Focus Kindergarten

Here are some manipulatives for pre-school/ kindergarten math and be used together with Math in Focus Kindergarten.

Counters – You can use things you have at home as counters. E,g. cookies, Cheerios, big buttons etc.

Math link cubes / Math link cube activity set – Math link cubes can be used to teach counting, skip counting, comparisons, addition, and subtraction.

Base Ten Set – Use a starter Base Ten Set to help create a visual of ones, tens, and hundreds. This will come in handy if you want to go beyond the Math in Focus kindergarten syllabus and teach more advanced addition and subtraction.

Attribute Blocks – Use attribute blocks to learn about shapes, colors, patterns, and sorting.

Two and a half year old learning about shapes and colors with attribute blocks.

Balance Scale – Learn about volume and compare solids and liquids with a balance scale.

Play money – Learn about money using plastic coins and play money.

Geometric Solids – Explore solid shapes using geometric solids.

Numbered Dice – These can be used to teach numbers and also have some fun with math games!

Learning Resources Hands-On Standards Handbook, Grades PreK to K – This is a book on how to use manipulatives to enhance learning. 


Other kindergarten resources:

Just a note about kindergarten in Singapore – compulsory education in Singapore starts at Primary 1/ 1st Grade. Therefore, elementary/ primary schools in Singapore start at Primary 1/ 1st Grade and not kindergarten like many elementary schools in the United States.  However, in an effort to improve the quality of pre-school education in Singapore, the Ministry of Education launched the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) framework to support preschool curriculum development. It is up to the pre-school establishment to implement these guidelines. In Singapore the use of assessment books and study guides is very common.

The CASCO Mathematics Tutor Book Series is a set of four assessment books imported directly from Singapore. The book is in color and perforated so you can use them as math worksheets.

Kindergarten/ Pre-Primary One Mathematics Tutor Book 1: Topics Covered: Numbers to 10, Number Bonds, addition within 10, Subtraction within 10, Shapes and Patterns

Kindergarten/ Pre-Primary One Mathematics Tutor Book 2: Topics Covered: Ordinal Numbers and Positions, Numbers to 20, Addition and Subtraction within 20, Length

Kindergarten/ Pre-Primary One Mathematics Tutor Book 3: Numbers to 40, Addition and Subtraction within 40, Picture Graphs, Multiplication, Division

Kindergarten/ Pre-Primary One Mathematics Tutor Book 4: Time, Numbers to 100, Addition within 100, Subtraction within 10, Addition and Subtraction to 100, Money (PLEASE NOTE that some of the questions are in Singapore Currency.)




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